• 2.25 inch button with metal pin back and mylar front
  • My signature logo is inked or stamped on the back :)
  • Handmade to order, assembled and packaged by me
  • There may be slight imperfections or variations
  • Colors may also vary due to different monitor color profiles

Do you love Gilmore Girls? If so, this Gilmore Girls inspired design is perfect for you because it features a fun umbrella with the Life and Death Brigade's motto, In Omnia Paratus! Join Rory and Logan in this secret society that is "ready for anything". ☔

Gilmore Girls Inspired - In Omnia Paratus

  • Interested in a custom or bulk order? Have a question? Please just send us a message at info@daniwithani.com, we will respond by the next business day.

    Life's short, so talk fast and let my buttons bring a smile to your face or a friends’. They are perfect for stocking stuffers, gifts, party favors, promotional items, and more! Great for adding some flair to your backpack or jacket!